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SkyNet is a broadband solutions company, with 12 years wireless experience, and a specialty in the areas of wireless WAN and last mile solutions. Our objective is to use our expertise to make your business stronger by reducing expenses and increasing productivity. Our strength is partnering closely with our clients, understanding their business, and designing real world solutions that are customized to suit your needs, and implemented on time and on budget.


Our highly successful approach consists of a quality 6 step process in ensuring that every SkyNet installation exceeds the expectations of our customers.

The first step of our process involves meeting with all pertinent staff to ensure that our pre-installation and installation schedule will be non-disruptive to your organization and staff. We believe that an efficient installation includes having zero impact on affecting your staff and productivity schedule. During this information exchange session your staff will be informed of our installation process so that the actual project will be as transparent as possible.

The second step of our process is to investigate and analyze data collected from your current IT environment. In order to provide the best solution possible, understanding your current IT environment allows us to build onto your infrastructure rather than replace your current infrastructure helping to minimize your costs.

Since every organization is different, step three of our process involves creating a completely customized solution to deliver the best performance for your specific application. We believe that taking the extra time to deliver a completely customized solution provides much greater value than an out of box solution.

Step four of our process is an efficient and professional installation. Our highly trained technical team will work with you to deliver a quality installation according to your schedule. We employee only the highest certified technicians at SkyNet and guarantee all of our work.

Proper knowledge transfer on your new SkyNet solution is provided to your staff once the installation is in place. Understanding that we don't want to overwhelm you with unnecessary technical garble we deliver only the necessary information and documentation your staff requires to properly maintain your new wireless solution.

The final step of our process involves a follow-up call by our technical team to ensure that there are no outstanding questions or uncertainty of your new solution. We want you to be as confident as we are of your solutions capabilities so that your ROI will be realized as quickly as possible.


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